Luxifer, pourquoi le luxe nous possède



Luxury seems to have captured our planet: despite the crisis it is booming, from New York to Shanghai, it dictates our dreams, it carves our bodies, it smoothes our skins, redesigns our cities.
It has become the ultimate dream for millions of individuals. It has its own temples, its Masses, its gurus, its priests and priestesses, its crusaders - all conspires to convert our souls to the religion of luxury.
What if this phenomenon meant the coming of a new Lucifer? Not the red Devil, the spectre raised by bigots, but the original Lucifer, as a symbol of freedom, rupture and creation.
This is the surprising and disconcerting hypothesis of this essay. Written in an accurate fl uent style, it can be read as a literary and sociological investigation, referring to pop as well as to academic culture, from Lady Gaga to Annie Le Brun, from Marlowe to Morrison. It offers the personal and merciless point of view of an expert, giving us the opportunity of looking at luxury and Lucifer differently.

Formerly working as a specialist in luxury for TBWA agency in London, Nicolas Chemla has elaborated new prospective policies for various brands of New York and Shanghai . He has written a series of Contemporary Mythologies of Advertising for Stratégies magazine. He gives lectures on Sex, Desire and Transgression to the students of the School of Communication at Sciences-Po, Paris. He is an enthusiast of black Romanticism and transgressive cinema. He loves building bridges between cultures, topics and points of view and shifting the boundaries of styles.

• After Bataille's La Littérature et le mal, Henric's La Peinture et le mal, here comes the first essay on Luxur y and evil
• Explores relations between evil and luxur y companies
• Social investigation where literar y references like Annie Le Br un meet pop culture ones like Lady Gaga.

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Nicolas Chemla

Nicolas Chemla a publié Luxifer, pourquoi le luxe nous possède aux éditions Séguier en 2014, un essai qui explore les relations entre le luxe et le Mal au prisme de l'analyse culturelle, littéraire, sociologique et philosophique. Son deuxième essai, Anthropologie du Boubour, faisait de Donald Trump la figure de proue du monde « bourgeois bourrin » à venir, avant sa victoire et celle du Brexit.Il a enseigné un cours sur « Sexe, désir et transgression » à l'École de la Communication de Sciences Po Paris, ainsi qu'à la Paris School of Luxury. Passionné de romantisme noir, de cinéma transgressif et d'une littérature « impure », il aime créer des ponts entre les cultures, les sujets et les points de vue, et déplacer les frontières de genre.

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Parution : 21/10/2014

ISBN : 9782840496823