Les Écrivains du 7e art



They belong to the world of French men of letters. They are novelists, poets, play writers, or well-known journalists. However they belong to the world of cinema too. They are scriptwriters, dialogue writers and directors. Frédéric Mercier investigates another aspect of literature: the writers (some of them famous, some less and others whose work for the cinema is little known) whose literary talent contributed to the creation of pictures.

Frédéric Mercier is a cinema critic. He worked several years for the classical cinema channel TCM Cinema while collaborating with the French magazine Les Cahiers du Cinéma. Today he writes on classical cinema for Transfuge.

Frédéric Mercier

Frédéric Mercier est critique de cinéma. Après avoir travaillé plusieurs années pour la chaîne de cinéma classique TCM Cinéma et collaboré avec les Cahiers du cinéma, il est aujourd'hui membre de la rédaction de la revue Transfuge.

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